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Watch: Police bail period can extend to 3 months – Police...

Fourth person was arrested in money laundering probe

PN to boycott grilling of new police chief

The Nationalist Party has opted not to participate in the parliamentary hearings which would confirm the government’s nomination of Angelo Gafà to the post of Police Commissioner, dismissing the process as a sham exercise.

Police commissioner: Applicants asked to do psychometric test

Applicants for the post of Commissioner of Police have been asked to do a preliminary self-assessment (psychometric test) as well as to undergo an extended interview.

Five applications for Police top job

Ex-Police Inspector Dr Mary Muscat announced that she has submitted her application for the post of Police Commissioner.

Who has submitted their application for Police Chief?

The application deadline for the police top job closes on Monday.

Minister respects Alfred Sant’s assertion that police chief selection method a...

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri said that he respected the opinion of former Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Alfred Sant, who described the government’s proposed method of appointing a new police commissioner as a “charade” that “does not make sense.”

Malta needs a police commissioner ‘ready to investigate Konrad Mizzi’

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia argued that Malta needed a police commissioner who would be be unafraid to tackle money laundering and corruption – including by launching an investigation into former minister Konrad Mizzi.

PN insists probation, fixed term leave police chief at government’s mercy

Future police chiefs will be hesitant to keep the authorities in check as a year’s probation and a definite-period contract will see them need to be in the government’s good graces to retain their post, PN MPs argued in Parliament this evening.

Applications for new Police Commissioner are now open

On Friday, the government has announced that the call for applications for the position of a new Police Commissioner are now open.

Watch: Education is essential to policing – Dr Muscat

For the Police Force to be more independent from political interference, one needs to populate it with educated individuals, former Police Inspector Dr Mary Muscat told Newsbook.com.mt.