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PN’s Ethics Commission recommends reprimand for Azzopardi

The Nationalist Party's (PN) Ethics Commission has unanimously agreed to recommend to the Administrative Council to reprimand Jason Azzopardi, making it clear that acceptance of any form of gifts in beach of the Code of Ethics and rules of transparency and disclosure will not be tolerated.

Mario Ellul elected as PN’s new treasurer

Mario Ellul is the new treasurer for the Nationalist Party (PN).

Mercieca says he never said he will submit nomination for casual...

On Sunday, the PN’s secretary-general Francis Zammit Dimech said that following consultation with party leader Bernard Grech, he has asked the party’s ethics, discipline and media commission to investigate reports concerning Mercieca.

“I will implement all I have learnt in the EU” –...

Parliamentary Member Miriam Dalli, giving her first address as an MP, stated that she has returned to implement all that she has learnt at the European Parliament.

Electrogas: “Why is the Govt. afraid of a public inquiry?” –...

Leader of the Opposition Bernard Grech asked why is the Government afraid of a public inquiry into Electrogas if there are no irregularities.

“Foreign investor confidence lowest in 16 years”; PN calls for better...

This situation was brought about by Robert Abela’s predecessor, Joseph Muscat,

Watch: Abela and Grech clash on migration issue during first meeting

Abela accused Grech of sabotaging his work

Deputy PN leader pledges loyalty to Bernard Grech

Arrigo stated that as deputy leader, he will remain until the end of his tenure ‘as duty calls till the last day.’

Watch: New initiatives by incoming PN leader Bernard Grech announced

On Saturday lawyer Bernard Grech was elected as the Nationalist Party’s next leader as he obtained more votes than the incumbent, Adrian Delia.