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The public inquiry should take as long as needed – Arnold...

The Independent candidate argued that, even if it takes two years, Abela is in no position to dictate terms unless he wants to protect Muscat and Schembri.

Watch: “Govt was expecting COVID-19 cases increase with the re-opening of...

Prime Minister and Labour Party leader Robert Abela will be interview by Lovin Malta.

Watch: PM says COVID-19 situation is not alarming

The Prime Minister justified his reply by stating that presently there are no coronavirus cases which are life threatening and that as a country we must adapt to live with the virus around us until a vaccine is made available.

FAA says Panorama Hotel development is the touchstone for PM Abela

The FAA said that the promises by Prime Minister Robert Abela will also be judged through this project and quoted Prime Minister Robert Abela "Let’s go for intelligent development which does not ruin the country."