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Planning Authority denies claims of turning off activist’s mic

Planning Authority insists no cart ruts were found

PA approves 18-apartment block in site of archaeological importance

The Planning Authority has approved the construction of a block of 18 apartments in a Kalkara site in proximity of archaeological remains.

Marsascala local council in favour of 13-storey replacement for Jerma hotel

Minister Herrera stated that, following discussions including with the community, the Marsascala local council is in favour of demolishing the current Jerma building inorder to be replaced by a 13 storey hotel.

MDA insists PA should not accommodate individual projects through development briefs

The Malta Developers Association expressed its opposition to the Planning Authority’s reviews of development briefs with the apparent aim of accommodating individual projects, insisting that Malta needed a solid long-term development plan.

db Group issues right of reply

Ten NGOs which are formally objecting to db Group's plans highlighted that a virtual hearing was no substitute for a physical hearing where people could voice their opinion in line with their right to participate fully in the decision-making process, in a joint statement on Tuesday.

Plans for half-residential, high-density Jerma redevelopment up for consultation

The Planning Authority has gone ahead and issued its controversial development brief for the former Jerma Palace Hotel site – which has seen it taken to court by seven NGOs – for public consultation on Monday.

NGOs take PA to Court over ‘flawed’ Jerma development brief

Seven NGOs have taken the Planning Authority to Court over its failure to withdraw a “flawed” development brief on the redevelopment of the former Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala.

PA extends validity period of compliance certificates

The extension will be valid for those compliance certificates which have a validity period expiring between 15 March and 15 June.

AUM campus extension appeal postponed

The hearing which took place on Thursday, was deferred to 1 October after EPRT chairman declared that he was board secretary of the Planning Authority Board which refused the application.

PA puts forward rezoning proposal for Marsa Sports Complex suggesting tourist...

The Planning Authority has put forward a proposed policy review which covers an area of more than 700,000 squared metres and has divided Marsa sports complex site into four zones, proposing a maximum built footprint of not more than 60,000 squared metres.