Tag: Photo of the week

Photo of the week: Ready for takeoff

A pilot performs a pre-flight checklist right before taking off to his destination at the Malta International Airport.

Photo of the week: Getting into the swing of things

A child is swinging in Birżebbuġa’s playingfield, making the most on a warm autumn day after school.

Photo of the week: Row, row, row your boat…

Tourists on a boat pass by a cave below the siege bell war memorial as they enter the Grand Harbour in Valletta.

Photo of the week: Fun, colours and talent

Young children take interest by looking at a local artisan stall in Sliema showcasing painted rocks and other creative pieces.

Photo of the week: There’s no shadow without light

Two people are waiting in the shade for their bus to arrive, while two workers are sitting on top of a bus shelter currently being built to provide proper shade for those on the move.

Photo of the week: Tourists too busy taking photos to notice...

As you enter Valletta, the first thing you see before entering the City Gate is the Modernist Triton fountain. Like most others do, these two tourists are seen taking photos of the fountain on their digital cameras and mobile.

Photo of the week: Birds of a feather flock together… for...

A woman feeds the crowding pigeons near Triton fountain in Valletta. The more bread she throws, the more pigeons come!

Photo of the week: Street catwalk?

Mannequins can be found in every clothing store window display, showing off the shop's current trendy looks. These group of mannequins were seen outside their shop on one of the narrow streets of Valletta.

Photo of the week: Feline fine

Stretched out and somnolent, a street cat is preparing for a siesta on the bench of a closed shop at Valletta in a hot summer afternoon. Who knows, did he just feast on the remnants of some Maltese snack?

Photo of the week: En Route

Passengers on board the Gozo Channel Ferry enjoying the view while en route to Gozo from Ċirkewwa. Every week, people look forward to have a relaxing weekend and tend to go to the ‘quieter’ island.