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Miżieb and Aħrax survey shows vast majority opposes FKNK takeover

The survey shows that 90% disagree with the hunting lobby being granted management of these sites and over 95% disagree with restricting access to Aħrax and Miżieb. Also, 95% think the proposal to hand over Aħrax and Miżieb to the FKNK is not transparent and 99% of the respondents think the public deserves more access to more open spaces

Driving instructors feel betrayed; Petition Launched

Driving schools have launched a petition to stop driving lessons immediately. Driving instructors who spoke to this newsroom said that they do not know what to do as the Superintendent of Public Health Prof. Charmaine Gauci is appealing for the public to avoid contact with people and keep social distancing. However, Transport Malta has revoked a decision to suspend driving lessons, just days after it had announced the ban.

Students signing petition to cancel MATSEC exams and adopt other grading...

Students have launched a petition to call on the authorities to find an alternative grading system if MATSEC exmaninations are cancelled in view of the coronavirus situation.

“There shouldn’t be a safer place than home”

People have signed the petition iniated by Newsbookcom.mt which was formulated following the tragedy happened on Monday in Ħamrun when Miriam Pace died in the rubble after her house collapsed due to ongoing construction works adjacent to her house.

Only two hours left to sign the petition

Newsbook.com.mt is asking its readers to sign a petition to ask the government to take steps to make sure that houses of persons next to a construction site are truly safe.

Leaders of the country unite behind Newsbook.com.mt’s petition to save the...

Over three thousand persons signed the petition raised by Newsbook.com.mt to keep 22 children from being expelled from Malta.

Newsbook petition: 22 children need your help

Newsbook’s petition requesting the government not to separate from their parents and expel from Malta 22 children, some just two years old, is gathering momentum.

President Emeritus and Auxiliary Bishop sign petition

President Emeritus Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and Auxilary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi have signed the petition

“More than 2,500 people sign petition to reduce vehicle taxation”

"More than 2,500 people have signed the petition to reduce vehicle taxation.This administration is supposed to be a...