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Watch: Is Malta full up?

On Thursday at 2:00pm on Newsbook.com.mt and Facebook live, Peppi Azzopardi and Neville Gafa will discuss these and other questions. The discussion will be moderated by Fr Joe Borg.

Watch: Broadcasting: serves you or politicians?

Did PBS axe Xarabank as a result of political pressure or was it a decision taken to come up with a more interesting and entertaining schedule?

PBS chairman expected to be removed

PBS chairman is set to be replaced by an executive chairman who would have more power, Newsbook.com.mt has confirmed.

Watch: Have the Maltese lost their trust in politics?

The discussion will take place during 103’s flagship discussion programme Newsbook Hour on Saturday at 9:00am. The discussion will be also be LIVE on Newsbook.com.mt

Watch: Are Nationalist MEPs traitors?

Head of Government’s Communications Kurt Farrugia was asked by Fr. Joe Borg if he believes that Nationalist MEPs are traitors. Farrugia replied stating that...