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A €5 a week increase for pensioners

The benefit given to those who employ a carer will now be increased to €6,000 annually. Moreover the criteria for eligibility will be widened and will also include people with disability.

Pension letters to be received in March will be different

Government has announced that as from this year pensioners will not be receiving 2 letters related to their pension benefit. The information in both letters, useful to pensioners, will now be sent in one letter. Pensioners should not be alarmed if they notice they haven’t received it yet as due to the changes announced they will receive it a month later, that is in March instead of February.

Fearne woos pensioners over 80s

Pensioners are very much in the target of contenders for the post of leader of the Partit Laburista.

APAN expresses disgust over claims made by Muscat

The Association for Pensioners and Elderly within the Partit Nazzjonalista (APAN) declared that it was against the statements made Partit Laburista leader Joseph Muscat...

Budget 2019: Tax refund for parents; less taxes for pensioners

Tax refunds for parents with children in independent schools, as well as an increase in the maximum tax limit for pensioners as part of...

University of the Third Age opens its doors

The Univeristy of the Third Age Malta (U3A) will soon be accepting applications for those over 60 who are interested in the 2018-2019 programme.There...