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“Ruth Amaira never agreed to lead the debate” – PBS

Grech's team tried to influence her - Delia

New PBS board will only ensure that it is under government...

PN MP Comodini Cachia explained that the reform must ensure that the PBS is founded on independence and impartiality.

PBS chairman expected to be removed

PBS chairman is set to be replaced by an executive chairman who would have more power, Newsbook.com.mt has confirmed.

“Broadcasting Authority is censoring journalists” – IĠM

The Broadcasting Authority (BA) has engaged in state sponsored censorship with regard to forcing the public service broadcaster (PBS) to censor journalists’ questions.

Norma Saliba appointed PBS head of news

She carries over 20 years of experience in journalism since her start at age 16.

Professor Gauci insulted outside PBS

Superintendent of Public Health Professor Charmaine Gauci was insulted outside PBS after her interview on Dissett late on Wednesday evening.

MP singing a waiting song

Claudette Buttigieg, who was illegally stopped by PBS from continuing to present her program "Sellili" on national television in 2012 called on the national station (PBS) to compensate her for the damages.