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Delia considering shadow Cabinet reshuffle

This comes just days after the cabinet reshuffle orchestrated by newly elected PM Robert Abela

‘You’ll be sworn in as a PM for all, not just...

Partit Nazzjonalista Team Start pens an open letter to Robert Abela ahead of his swearing in as Prime Minister

‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia

Nothing will change with the election of the new Partit Laburista leader, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Saturday.

‘Daphne paid the highest price, not Muscat’ – PN

In a statement, Partit Nazzjonalista remarked that Muscat refrained from mentioning the corruption which festered under his watch and state capture.

Karol Aquilina files police report on fake Facebook profiles

MP Karol Aquilina has filed a police report following discovering a number of fake Facebook and Messenger profiles created on his name. In a press release sent out by the Nationalist Party it was explained that these profiles were making use of his name and photograph.

Malta voices its concern on possible interventions in and around Libya

Turkish move to deploy military troops to Libya stirs protest in Malta

‘Who is paying for Muscat’s luxurious travels?’ – PN

After recent news showed that the Prime Minister is currently in London, following travels to Bethlehem and Dubai, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) has asked the Prime Minister to explain how these travels are being funded.

Bernard Grech and Roberta Metsola ahead of Delia in trust rating...

The findings show that a Grech-Metsola tandem had the widest appeal across the country. However none of the five names put forward managed to secure a high trust rating, the newspaper noted.

Watch: “One of the biggest problems is the poverty of loneliness”...

This was said during the ongoing series “Milied Flimkien” (Christmas Together).

“I have no power to dismiss the PM” – President

The Office of the President said that the President had done all he could within the parameters as set by the Constitution.