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Watch: “It’s not in the Church’s remit to tell PM what...

The Church will continue collaborating with the state on initiatives which contribute positively towards the common good, especially when it comes to assisting the most vulnerable within our society, Archbishop Scicluna explained.

PL should not tolerate ‘mistakes’ from its own – Fearne

Deputy Prime Minister and PL deputy leader Chris Fearne took the stage before Partit Laburista leader Robert Abela was scheduled to speak in his first rally after being sworn in as prime minister.

Abela’s campaign focused on ‘continuity’ but he’s changing everything – Delia

The resignation of the Police Commissioner was overdue by two years, Delia highlighted. He added that had Lawrence Cutajar resigned earlier, a lot of issues which arose over the past months could have been avoided. 'Cutajar obstructed justice to protect criminals,' Delia claimed.

Prime Minister-in-waiting to be sworn in this afternoon

Disgraced outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will formally resign from Prime Minister before the ceremony on Monday early afternoon, bringing to an end just under seven years at the helm, half-way through his second term.

‘We can’t continue as though it’s business as usual’ – Sant

Sant said that he expects the Prime Minister in waiting, Robert Abela, to set the tone for the government administration he will head after he is sworn in, in a Facebook post on Monday. The former Prime Minister highlighted good governance and environment as areas which need new guidance.

Abela is another version of “the most corrupt leader of 2019”...

PN referred to Abela's first speech and said it was practically a "photocopy of Muscat's narrative". It added that the speech lacked substance and failed to outline his plans once he takes over.

‘You’ll be sworn in as a PM for all, not just...

Partit Nazzjonalista Team Start pens an open letter to Robert Abela ahead of his swearing in as Prime Minister

Book Council chairman resigns from PL committee member

In a Facebook post, Camilleri expressed sadness and said that he 'tried to effect radical change but has failed miserably, receiving instead a painful and crushing defeat'.

‘I’m sure nothing will change,’ – Delia

Nothing will change with the election of the new Partit Laburista leader, Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Saturday.

“Ministers will become unemployed as of Monday” – Farrugia Portelli

Parliamentary Secretary Julia Farrugia Portelli claims that her staff was intimidated