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Judgement upheld on appeal, former MEP Mizzi loses libel case

Former Partit Laburista MEP Marlene Mizzi has failed to overturn a judgement whereby she had lost a libel suit filed against Partit Nazzjonalista MEP David Casa after the Court of Appeal confirmed the sentence handed down by the first court, on Wednesday.

“I’m retiring with my mind at rest” – Scicluna

Addressing a Partit Laburista activity on Sunday, Scicluna who has been named as the new governor for the Central Bank, said that in his opinion Clyde Caruana is the ideal choice as a Finance Minister.

Watch: Behind each Covid-19 death there’s a person, Abela says

Abela urged the public to show solidarity and to act in the interest of the common good. He urged people not to be selfish and to take into consideration the needs of vulnerable individuals in our society.

Miriam Dalli, Clyde Caruana to be co-opted to Parliament

Partit Laburista MEP Miriam Dalli and the Prime Minister's Chief Aide Clyde Caruana will be co-opted to parliament to replace disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat and government MP Etienne Grech.

Grech, Covid-19 impact Abela’s trust rating – Survey

The newly elected Partit Nazzjonalista leader Bernard Grech and the handling of the coronavirus pandemic seem to have had an impact on Abela's leadership.

Watch: After Central Link we shall have more trees, Abela says

The activity is scheduled to start at 10.30am.

I didn’t end my career as I wished to – Muscat

Muscat says he feels heartbroken

PL sets up 10 fora to discuss 100 ideas

In a press conference, newly appointed PL deputy leader for party affairs Daniel Micallef announced the new project, noting that the initiative was taken to coincide with the party's centenary.

“We cannot let migrants drown” – Abela

The PM stated that his duty is to safeguard the “lives and livelihood” of citizens of Malta and Gozo.

Watch: Uncontested PL deputy leader confirmed in internal election

Micallef who until recent was party president, is uncontested for the post and will be replacing controversial former minister Chris Cardona, who was asked to resign by Prime Minister Robert Abela last month in the wake of court testimony that appeared to implicate him in the Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination.