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PD insists Tourism Minister must resign

Partit Demokratiku is insisting that Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli has no option but to resign immediately, holding her responsible for the bad handling of the Covid-19 crisis which has led various countries to restrict travel to Malta.

“Malta being led with senseless optimism” – AD, PD

This follows the recent increase of active COVID-19 cases

AD, PD insist on clarity over Melvin Theuma incident

Alternattiva Demokratika and Partit Demokratiku insisted that clarity was required on the circumstances leading to the hospitalisation of state witness Melvin Theuma, who sustained injuries believed to be self-inflicted by the police.

Alden confirmed as PD leader

Timothy Alden has been confirmed as leader of the Partit Demokratiku in the party’s annual general meeting, which served to select its new executive.

PD wants to fix “broken political system” with AD

Partit Demokratiku said that its in ongoing talks with Alternattiva Demokratiku grounded in the will “to fix the broken political system”.

PD and AD to merge as one party

Alternattiva Demokratika and Partit Demokratiku will merge as one party to contest the next elections, Newsbook.com.mt has learnt.

Daphne’s murder: PM evasive on why he’s refusing US Embassy’s help...

Partit Demokratiku claimed that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has proved evasive on why he has refused the assistance offered by the American...

Beds in St Vincent de Paul cost €122 per night

Each bed for the residents of Saint Vincent de Paul adds uo to a total cost of €122.19 per night. This was...

Malta should hold Brazil accountable over Amazon – PD

Partit Demokratiku has called on the Maltese government to use its position in the European Union, to hold the Brazilian government accountable for deforestation...

Malta needs to defend the Kurds – PD

Partit Demokratiku (PD) stands up in solidarity with the people of the Kurdish territory of Rojava and is asking the Maltese authorities to do...