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Gozo jobs increase by 41.4% since 2013

The number of full-time jobs in Gozo has increased by over 40% between the end of 2013 and the start of the year, with the increase almost entirely due to the private sector.

Only a quarter of parole applications successful

A quarter of applications for parole made in the past 4 years have been successful, figures tabled in Parliament show.

Consumer authority receives 105 complaints on holiday refunds

The Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority has received 105 complaints concerning refunds and other payments over the cancellation of holidays or travel this year, Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia-Portelli has confirmed.

Work on animal cemetery to begin next year

An animal cemetery initially promised in 2015 is set to be built next year, according to Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo.

Street level changes planned to address seawater flooding in Birżebbuġa

Infrastructure Malta is planning to modify the street levels at St George’s Bay in Birżebbuġa to address longstanding flooding problems, with Transport Minister Ian Borg stating that works would start as soon as a procurement process is concluded.

Minister expresses concern about UK’s Maltese community post-Brexit

Foreign Affairs Minister Evarist Bartolo expressed his concern that thousands of Maltese nationals living in the UK risked losing many of the rights they have enjoyed as European citizens once Brexit becomes final at the end of the year.

Hunting minister not a signatory to FKNK agreement on Miżieb and...

The minister responsible for hunting – Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri – confirmed that he was not one of the signatories to the controversial agreement that handed over the Miżieb and Aħrax woodlands to the FKNK hunters’ federation.

Joseph Cuschieri authorised his own travel expenditure at MGA and MFSA

As the chief executive of the Malta Gaming Authority and subsequently of the Malta Financial Services Authority, it was up to Joseph Cuschieri himself to authorise his own travel expenses, information tabled in Parliament shows.

Over €100,000 distributed through Animal Welfare Fund

17 associations have received over €100,000 in funding this year through the government’s Animal Welfare Fund, tables figured in Parliament show.

Removal of St Paul’s Bay ‘container classrooms’ awaiting procurement

The removal of the “container classrooms” – the prefabricated classrooms set up as a temporary solution to overcrowding – at the St Paul’s Bay Primary School is in the cards, but is awaiting the conclusion of a procurement process.