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32,582 visit Hypogeum in 2019

A total of 32,582 people visited the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum last year, with the site registering an operating profit of €426,581 for Heritage Malta.

75 on child protection register

A total of 75 people are currently on the Protection of Minors Register, preventing them from holding any position which would see them work with children.

Ministry for Finance purchases 12 cars in three years

The Ministry for Finance has purchased 12 cars since June 2017.

Pjazza San Franġisk embellishment to cost €2.5m

A €2.5 million embellishment of Pjazza San Franġisk in Victoria is set to be concluded early this summer, according to Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri.

2% EU funding for Victoria-Marsalforn Road

EU funds will only cover 2% of the cost of the reconstruction of the road leading from Victoria to Marsalforn, according to information submitted in Parliament today.

Fish farms processing increasing numbers of tuna

Bluefin tuna may be classified as an endangered species, but the amount of tuna processed in Malta – the world’s leading exporter of the species – shows no signs of decline, according to figures tabled in parliament today.

1,325 domestic violence incidents reported last year

Buttigieg had also asked for statistics on gender violence, only to be told that these could not be provided as no crimes were categorised as gender violence as of yet. However, Camilleri pledged that this would be addressed in the future.

22 inmates doing work for private companies

A total of 22 inmates at the Corradino Correctional Facility are currently carrying out work for private companies, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri revealed yesterday. In reply to a parliamentary question by MP Hermann Schiavone, Dr Camilleri said that 272 prisoners were carrying out cleaning and maintenance works within the prison.

Former commissioner earned over €12,000 in performance bonuses

Former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar may have had a controversial stint at the helm of the police force, but this has not prevented him from earning over €12,000 in performance bonuses – excluding any bonus which may still be awarded for 2019.

20 making use of night shelters

Twenty men and women are making use of the night shelters set up for elderly people who may not feel comfortable sleeping in their own homes at night, according to figures tabled in parliament yesterday evening. The service is against payment of €2 a night, and at present, 20 people aged between 65 and 85 were making use of it.