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President’s decision goes against the Constitution – MPs

"That is what the Constitution says and what the President failed to do," the MPs said in a joint statement following the news.

19 PN MPs list reasons why PN Leader should step down;...

In a joint statement issued on Friday afternoon, the MPs insisted that Delia should step down in the national interest and in the best interest of the party. They remarked that with each day that passes, more harm is done to the country and the party.

Watch: Delia still to decide on resignations

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia reiterated that the party does not belong to one person, that is the leader, leadership, parliamentary group but belongs to the paid up members who have elected their leader. He insisted on having the members of the party whoever they are whether in positions of power or not play an active role in forming the party politics. "Everyone will be listened to, everyone can speak their mind," he said.

We should face these times bravely – Archbishop Scicluna

The Archbishop said that politicians should work hard not only to ensure a better life for the generations to come but also to promote moral and ethical qualities

PL parliamentary group gives PM unanimous vote of confidence

Following a parliamentary group meeting called by the Prime Minister earlier Monday 25th November

Watch: Will you resign Mr Delia? No

Asked whether he would resign, the leader of the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia told the press, "no".Delia made this quick and blunt reply in...

Mellieħa sectional committee clarifies letter, ‘assume collective responsibility’

Mellieħa's PN sectional committee explained that it sent a letter to all Nationalists MPs and urged them to assume "collective responsibility" for the electoral...

PN MPs tell Delia: “Shoulder the responsibility”

Informed sources told Newsbook.com.mt that the vast majority of the members in the PN parliamentary group meeting called for the leader of the PN,...

PN Parliamentary Group: ‘Stormy’, ‘Inconclusive’ meeting to be continued

The meeting held between the members of the Nationalist Party's parliamentary group was described to Newsbook.com.mt as hectic and inconclusive. It has been agreed...

PN Parliamentary Group meeting “very positive”

Sources close to the PN Parliamentary Group told Newsbook.com.mt that the five-hour meeting with the Group had on Monday was a "very positive meeting...