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Bishops urge faithful to join Pope Francis in prayer

Pope Francis would have visited Malta this weekend. However, the visit was cancelled due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Diocese of Gozo opens applications for choir to sing for Pope...

The Diocese of Gozo has announced that applications are open for adoloscents and youths to apply to form part of a choir which will sing during Pope’s Francis visit to Madonna ta’ Pinu Sanctuary in Gozo.

Catamaran to ferry Pope to Gozo

A Virtù Ferries catamaran paid a visit to Mġarr harbour this morning confirm that it can berth there in preparation for Pope Francis’ visit next May.

‘Lent can help the rebirth our hearts and souls’ – Archbishop...

Archbishop Charles Scicluna explained that Lent can help the rebirth of our souls and allows God to grow in our lives again.The Archbishop explained his message for Lent during a mass on the occasion of Ash Wednesday which was celebrated at the curia’s chapel, Madonna ta’ Manresa, in Floriana.

Archbishop Scicluna to discuss outcomes of anticipated Papal visit

Parish priests in Malta and Gozo will be meeting Archbishop Charles Scicluna to discuss the Papal visit to Malta. In a notification sent to all parish priests, the Archbishop is requesting a meeting for Wednesday morning with the aim to discuss the possible outcomes of Pope Francis visit to Malta.

Vox Pop: How are churchgoers feeling about the Papal visit?

Many have expressed surprise at the Apostolic visit to Malta while others said that they always believed that such a day would come. Speaking to Newsbook.com.mt, some noted that this visit will serve as an opportunity to renew one's faith.

Pope trip to Malta in May to spotlight migrants’ plight

Scicluna has also been on the front line in the defence of migrants, sometimes criticising government policies. In 2017 he visited the Phoenix, one of the NGO-run rescue ships plying the waters of the southern Mediterranean to save migrants from drowning.

Papal visit: Vatican delegation in Malta in the coming days

Archbishop Scicluna explained that final decisions on the programme will be taken following this visit.

Pope Francis to be welcomed at Ta’ Pinu

Bishop Grech delivered his message at the end of a Pontifical Mass at the Parish Church of St Paul's Shipwreck at Munxar. He described the visit as "divine grace".

Watch: Let this visit be a time for our values to...

The government welcomed the news with Prime Minister Abela saying that whenever the Holy Father visited the country, 'it was an opportunity for the country to unite and an occasion for us to forget our differences'.