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Pandemic is the Word of the Year for 2020

The word’s Greek roots are “pan,” meaning all or every and “demos,” meaning people, Merriam-Webster said.

The pandemic brought the EU to its knees- Leo Brincat

Brincat said that resilience and agility are crucial for Europe to overcome the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. He explained that the biggest challenge during the pandemic was to find new methods and practices that would speed up the processes of decision-making during the crisis to address the new challenges.

Children spending more time with abusers due to pandemic – MMF

The outbreak of the pandemic in Malta has led to children increasing time at home with abusers.

Signs of improvement in economic situation – Central Bank

The data reported in its Economic Update refer to August 2020 when restrictive measures related to coronavirus were lifted. Mitigation measures were re-introduced in mid-August when the number of infections started to surge and Malta entered its second wave. The measures affected predominantly the entertainment sector.

President Vella gives message of hope during these difficult times

The President said that the situation in Malta is of concern.

Tsunami in full force

The epicurve now certainly shows that this wave is not abating yet, as the first graphic clearly shows. One can see how the three waves of this second phase are dwarfing the first phase we had, starting 6th March.

42 new coronavirus cases; 60 recoveries

How many active coronavirus cases does Malta have?

Pope: the pandemic has brought us to a crossroad

“The pandemic has brought us to a crossroads”, wrote Pope Francis in his message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation and the Season of Creation celebrated between September 1 and October 4. He added that “we must use this decisive moment to end our superfluous and destructive goals and activities, and to cultivate values, connections and activities that are life-giving.”

On the right track but not out of the woods –...

One of the most important types of graphs which epidemiologists use to track an epidemic is the so-called epidemic curve, or epicurve, for short.