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Love-themed tour of Palazzo Falson for Valentine’s Day

Why not mosey on down to the stunning Palazzo Falson in Mdina for a love-themed tour around the museum?

Watch: History and technology come together at Palazzo Falson

In a first for Malta, visitors to Palazzo Falson in Mdina can now become fully immersed in the historic atmosphere of the building with an interactive app which allows them to unlock the mysteries surrounding the death of the game’s lead protagonist Lady Caterina.

Public lecture about the plague of 1813

Palazzo Falson is organising a public lecture by history researcher, Vincent Peresso called The Plague 1813: Wills and Inventories by Vincent Peresso.The lecture is...

Ever wondered how Imdina was once saved by ants?

How many times have you walked through Imdina without asking yourself how once the city was saved by ants? What about the idea that Imdina...