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384 inmates served their sentence in 2019

The figures were tabled in Parliament by Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri in a reply to Opposition MP Beppe Fenech Adami.

Leadership did not unite PN despite its efforts – Cutajar

The Opposition MP who joined amid internal political drama last year after David Stellini resigned from his post to return to his job in Brussels, said that it would be wiser to install a new leadership team which will be bring everyone together.

Malta needs a third political group – Cassola

Arnold Cassola, independent candidate and former Alternattiva Demokratika chairman, has stated that Malta needs a third political group, an Alliance for Malta. In a press statement, Cassola said that this third political group needs to be that group for whom all honest and decent Maltese can vote for in the forthcoming election, whether in 3 or 25 months' time.

Malta Chamber voices serious concerns about Opposition

According to the President of the Malta Chamber, David Xuereb said he believes that a strong nation needs to have two elements; a strong government and a strong opposition. Interviewed by Jes Saliba on Newsbook Hour on 103 Malta’s Heart, David Xuereb said that the present situation within the opposition is creating concerns. “To assure equity we need leaders and a system that works of checks and balances” – said Xuereb.

Joseph Muscat is an “international criminal” – Delia

Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia blasted the government for pumping in taxpayers' money into the hospitals' deal despite VGH and Steward Healthcare have failed to deliver

The PM should do door-to-door visits, says Abela

The newly appointed Prime Minister said that he was not appointed as Prime Minister for Partit Laburista alone, but has become the Prime Minister representing the whole nation and therefore he should seek to reach out to everyone by visiting them at their house. He explained that no one should be excluded during such visits, as recalled his time during the election campaign when his team members would tell him to skip knocking at a door because "it was for nothing".

Watch: Cash-for passports scheme to be retained – Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela stands by the golden passport scheme.

Watch: New process for Police Commissioner appointment announced

Prime Minister Robert Abela unveils a new method for the appointment of the Police Commissioner

Watch: “Delia should use the same ethic” – PM

The Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the Opposition Leader Adrian Delia should adopt the same ethic used by the Government with himself and his deputies.

Fearne and Abela should halt Central Link works – PN

Leadership hopefuls Fearne and Abela are no different from the previous leadership if they fail to denounce the ongoing works, Partit Nazzjonalista said.