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MPs in public sector abusing of release system to attend parliamentary...

In a new report published by the Office of the Standards Commissioner on Monday evening, after a complaint was filed against Opposition MPs who are employed in the public sector and who allegedly were not turning up for work on a regular basis.

Bernard Grech sworn in as Opposition leader

Grech sworn in as Opposition leader

Watch: Bernard Grech attends first PN executive committee meeting as leader

Grech is set to be sworn in as a Member of Parliament on Tuesday

Government failed to circulate Equality Bill amendments, PN claims

Opposition MPs Claudette Buttigieg, Karl Gouder and Edwin Vassallo who sit on the Consideration of Bills Committee said that they continued holding physical and virtual meetings with the main stakeholders to discuss the bill.

PN accuses government of unpreparedness ahead of reopening of schools

On Wednesday, Partit Nazzjonalista accused the Education Ministry of being unprepared for the safe reopening of schools amid the coronavirus pandemic.

PN calls for Covid-19 task force

Partit Nazzjonalista has called for the setting up for a coronavirus task force aimed at addressing the needs of differently abled individuals.

Going for a leadership race will see the party renewed –...

The party will renew itself if Partit Nazzjonalista councillors opt to go for a new leadership contest, the majority of Partit Nazzjonalista MPs said in a joint statement on Friday afternoon.

Survey confirms ‘urgent need’ to choose new PN leader, majority of...

The latest survey published by MaltaToday confirms the "urgent need" for the paid up Partit Nazzjonalista members to be allowed to vote for their new leader "to piece together the mosaic within the party and get ready for the next general election", the majority of PN MPs said on Sunday.

“Voting against one’s party is never acceptable” – Arrigo

Commenting on a MaltaToday trust rating survey, Robert Arrigo said that Opposition Leader nominee Therese Comodini Cachia 'fell' on the first hurdle.

BA finds TVM programme to be at fault

The Broadcasting Authority ruled that the Opposition's views on the matter should have been included in the programme. In its decision, the authority said that the programme by its very nature requires the Opposition to be present and air its views.