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Fact file: Eurasian Hoopoe #onthemove

After it breeds in mainland Europe, this colourful bird migrates to southern Spain and the western and eastern coasts of Africa.

Fact file: Ospreys #onthemove

Most of the Ospreys we get in Malta come from Scandinavian countries.

Adapting to migrate, migrating to survive

Migration is a widespread behaviour in birds living in environments affected by seasons and fluctuating food sources.

The thrill of autumn bird migration

If you are lucky enough to be at the right place in the right time, bird migration can be a spectacle to behold; and Malta is such a place.

No time to rest!

No sooner have the spring migration and the breeding season come to an end that the first autumn migrants start making a most welcome appearance.

Let’s enjoy and protect migrating birds #onthemove

BirdLife Malta has launched the #onthemove campaign to encourage people to enjoy, care about, and protect migrating birds.

Watch: BirdLife launches autumn migration awareness campaign

A new campaign aimed at raising awareness on autumn migration has been launched by BirdLife Malta.