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Prof. Friggieri State-organized funeral will be held Wednesday

The Office of the Prime Minister announced that the state funeral for Profs. Oliver Friggieri will be held on Wednesday at 14:00.

No records kept for murder suspect meetings at OPM

"Documenting meetings, including minutes of discussions and decisions is in the interests of transparency, accountability and good governance. The Office of the Prime Minister’s failure to keep proper records of the meetings with Yorgen Fenech raises our concern that this was a deliberate act of omission," the Foundation said.

AFM risks being charged with aiding illegal migration, as Italy investigates...

A police investigation into the incident is underway, while the Italian prosecutor's office may open a file against Malta in the coming days.

Maritime experts doubt Europa II’s ability to do the job

Experts in the maritime sector told Newsbook.com.mt that the ship Europa II, chartered by Government to house a group of 57 asylum seekers 13 nautical miles offshore, was until recently only licensed to navigate up to 4 nautical miles away from the coast. They added that it could be that Transport Malta changed this licence before the ship set sail. But they insisted that even if this was done, the ship, in their opinion, is not well equipped for such a mission, particularly if the sea turns rough.

Watch: Malta to start easing off coronavirus restrictions

Prime Minister Robert Abela will deliver a press conference at 11am on Friday.

“I never told Schembri I met Melvin Theuma” – Camilleri

The former security officer had also allegedly informed self-confessed middleman Melvin Theuma that the state had identified three mobile numbers of people involved in the murder. One of the numbers on the list, was Theuma's number.

Keith Schembri back in Malta

Keith Schembri left to Tunisia on 20 January on a morning flight, a day after his friend and former OPM employee Neville Gafà. Another former OPM official was also in Tunisia around the same time.

Watch: PM starts off his day with a difference

Prime Minister Robert Abela starts his second full day in office with a pleasant surprise

Watch: ‘Prolonged stay in office poses risk to murder investigation’

'We are afraid that some elements or evidence will be destroyed,' Greek MEP Stelios Kouloglou said.

Neville Gafà files Constitutional Case against AG

Senior government official embroiled in the medical visas scandal, Neville Gafà has filed a constitutional case against the Attorney General.