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8 NGOs struck off NGO register

The eight NGOs in question are Life Resources Foundation (VO/0244), Malta Human Rights Commission (NGO) (VO/0430), European Foundation for Freedom (VO/0469), Malta International Crisis Centre (VO/0526), Association of the Dynastic Orders of the Royal Imperial House of Obrenovitch (VO/0731), Selmun Residents Association (VO/1281), Foundation Live Today (VO/1414) and the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association Malta (WISTA MALTA) (VO/1067).

Centralised referral system being devised by NGOs – Social Accommodation Ministry

In a recently published coronavirus bulletin, the government has issued a call for non-governmental organisations to provide a new service which will be made available the government. The new service includes providing transport to persons who do not have a car and who have a swab test appointment.

Malta can’t shelf human rights obligations in emergency scenarios – NGOs

"Yet we are also keen to underline that emergency scenarios do not grant Malta the authority to entirely shelve its human rights obligations. There are minimum standards that must always be met, a threshold that no State is ever permitted cross."

10 NGOs back call for spring hunting season closure

In a joint statement, the NGOs noted that while the public was being encouraged to remain home due to the coronavirus outbreak in Malta, the government would allow "thousands" of hunters to be in the countryside and hunt birds.

Government not helping us stop climate change – FoE Malta

The Government’s actions are not helping us mitigate the impact of climate change, Friends of the Earth Malta have said.The...

€85,000 fund for animal welfare NGOs launched

An €85,000 fund for animal welfare non-governmental organisations was launched on Friday. The fund which was established last year, has seen an increase of...

23 NGOs benefit from €97,000 in funds under Gozo Ministry scheme

Twenty-three non-governmental organisations have benefited from funds under the "Ministry for Gozo non-governmental organisations assistance scheme", totaling to a shared amount of €96,756 last...

“Women’s lives still being cut short by lovers” – NGOs

36 local NGOs said that even though the Istanbul Convention was implemented in Maltese Laws, women are still being murdered by those who claim...