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Watch: When Drama rules your life

If ever there was a name that is synonymous with drama and acting in Malta, it is that of Karmen Azzopardi

Newsbook Q&A: The FIAU Explains

In this week’s edition of Newsbook Q&A, Editor-in-Chief Sylvana Debono speaks to two persons who shun the limelight but whose work goes a long way in weeding out corruption.

On 103: Has construction reached the point of collapse?

Editor-in-Chief Sylvana Debono interviews Prof. Alex Torpiano, Dean of the Faculty of Urban Design at the University of Malta and President of Din l-Art Ħelwa.

Watch: “Don’t call me a hero,” veteran nurse speaks about her...

Speaking on Newsbook Q&A, Dr Sharples recalled that a few days ago before she returned to her family home, on her way to her hotel room, she noticed the various rainbows affixed to the balconies and the positive messages various families affixed outside their house during the pandemic.

Watch: Nursing to the fore

Newsbook Q&A’s Sylvana Debono speaks to Dr Sharples about the challenges in the nursing sector, the satisfactions, the anecdotes of hospital life and dealing with heartbreak.

Watch: Authorities preparing an influenza strategy

A household name, much respected will be Sylvana DeBono’s guest today on Newsbook Q&A: Prof. Charmaine Gauci, Superintendent of Pubic Health.

Watch: Diligent and disciplined is how we’ll win the game –...

Having the right attitude in the current economic climate will be the key to the size of the benefits which Malta can reap from the Post-Covid world. This was the opinion of Perit David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce when interviewed on Newsbook Q&A.

How to sell when COVID-19 strikes

In this week’s Newsbook Q&A, Digital Marketing expert Dr Franco Curmi will be speaking to Sylvana Debono on ways in which digital media can be used to sell products

Watch: Ira Losco on Newsbook Q&A

On this edition of Newsbook Q&A, Sylvana Debono will interview Maltese celebrity A-Lister Ira Losco on her relationship with music, fame and food…and also some aspirations which she had never revealed before.

Watch: “Lifting measures does not mean the pandemic is over”

Newsbook.com.mt will once again host Public Health Consultant Tanya Melillo for Newsbook Q&A.