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Watch: A record 111 new cases in 24 hours

The Government has just announced that a record 111 people tested positive in the last 24 hours

Nominate your teacher on World Teacher’s Day!

If there was ever the time to appreciate teachers, this year would be it.

Watch: How prepared is the University of Malta to face its...

The University is an institution whose responsibility is to train professionals, serve as a breeding ground of alternative, creative and innovative ideas and serve to give direction to our society in having happier communities.

Watch: “We are being controlled by social media” – Prof. Alexei...

Do we have control over our technology? Is Artificial Intelligence taking over our life or is it helping us have a better quality of life? 

Newsbook doubles its readers over three years

Digital Transformation Manager at Newsbook.com.mt Maria Callus said that over the past three years, Newsbook.com.mt has doubled its readership.

Watch: In My Heart – reading by My Storytime

Every Tuesday at 11.00 am, Newsbook.com.mt will be featuring a reading from My Storytime (it will then remain online).

A Bonnici vs Delia debate on Newsbook?

Will Minister Owen Bonnici accept Newsbook.com.mt invitation to a debate with activist Manwel Delia? The invitation followed the court’s decision on Thursday where Manuel Delia won a constitutional case against Justice Minister Owen Bonnici and the Director-General responsible for public cleaning, over the removal of the makeshift memorial to slain journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in front of the law courts in Valletta.