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Parking has stolen space from the elderly – Prof. Maria Attard

Speaking at the Newsbook Business Breakfast, Prof Attard said that very often we fail to see the existent infrastructure in our discussion on inter-modal transportation.

Multi-modal transport ecosystem will wean public from personal cars, says Bolt...

A multi-modal ecosystem of transport will wean the public from use of personal cars said Bolt CEO Sebastian Ripard when he addressed the Newsbook Business Breakfast.

The danger for cyclists on the road is real – BAG...

Dr Attard Tonna said that many of the current traffic problems are effectively simple to solve.

We need a culture change – Public Transport GM

Malta Public Transport General Manager Konrad Pule said at the Newsbook Business Breakfast that people need to start distinguishing the best transportation mode for their destination since a decrease in commuting time will help reduce pressure on the traffic system.

Perit David Xuereb calls on national leaders to be innovative in...

Perit David Xuereb, President of the Malta Chamber of Enterprise and Industry said during the Newsbook Business Breakfast that this is one of the first events to which he is attending physically and the COVID experience has left tangible marks.

Children need to be told that cars are not indispensable –...

Speaking at the Newsbook Business Breakfast, Opposition Spokesman Toni Bezzina said that the indirect costs of traffic in the Maltese economy was calculated in 2012 at €275 million.

Minister Ian Borg moots metro at Newsbook Business Breakfast

Minister for transport and Infrastructure Ian Borg said that the Marsa project was nearing its end and was at a critical phase.

Have we learnt nothing from COVID-19? Newsbook’s fully-booked Business Breakfast discusses...

The post-COVID Newsbook Business Breakfast will take place at the Luzzu Conference Centre, Qawra on Thursday 23rd July 2020. Registration is at 8.30 am. Appropriate distancing and hygiene will be maintained throughout the event.

Newsbook’s next Business Breakfast postponed until May

Due to recent local developments surrounding COVID-19, the management at Beacon Media Group has decided to postpone the Newsbook Business Breakfast titled "Is Traffic a Reality?" originally scheduled for Thursday 26th March 2020. The event is planned to take place in May 2020 at AX The Palace provided that things go back to normal in Malta.