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“Repatriation is not a solution”; “We need to learn how to...

Repatriation is not a solution, Neville Gafà argued while TV presenter Peppi Azzopardi underlined the need that people have to learn how to live together with asylum seekers rescued at sea.

Insults at Italian journalist condemned by European Press

Nello Scavo faced insults as he left court in Valletta on Thursday

Neville Gafà to be arraigned over threats made to Italian journalist

The police have decided that there is sufficient evidence to arraign former OPM official Neville Gafà over a threat he directed at investigative Italian journalist Nello Scavo.

‘I haven’t even begun:’ Neville Gafà stands by pushbacks

In a defiant, aggressive post on Facebook, controversial former OPM operative Neville Gafà lashed out at humanitarian NGOs which, he claimed, were seeking his prosecution in the International Criminal Court for human rights violations over his efforts to prevent would-be asylum seekers from reaching Malta.

Neville Gafà questioned by police

Neville Gafà has been questioned by Criminal Investigation Department police on Thursday afternoon, Newsbook.com.mt is informed.

Gafà calls out Foreign Affairs Minister on Libya

Writing on Facebook Bartolo thanked the Libyan government for stopping 2,000 asylum seekers from leaving the war torn country to Malta. However, Gafà who worked at OPM during the tenure of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and who is known for his ties to Libya called out Bartolo without mentioning his name.