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Insults at Italian journalist condemned by European Press

Nello Scavo faced insults as he left court in Valletta on Thursday

“We will stand with IĠM & journalists covering crime and politics”...

“Trolls and thugs like Neville Gafà are systematically recruited to harass journalists and sap their energy fielding threats online” stated the anti-corruption NGO Repubblika during a press conference addressed together with the Istitut Gurnalisti Maltin.

Italian Journalist says he still feels threatened by Gafà’s comments

Magistrate Galea upheld the request made by Gafà’s lawyers and the case is now deferred for the 15th of October at 9 am.

Neville Gafà to be arraigned over threats made to Italian journalist

The police have decided that there is sufficient evidence to arraign former OPM official Neville Gafà over a threat he directed at investigative Italian journalist Nello Scavo.

Neville Gafà questioned by police

Neville Gafà has been questioned by Criminal Investigation Department police on Thursday afternoon, Newsbook.com.mt is informed.

Government asks police to investigate Neville Gafà

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs has asked the Police force to investigate allegations of threats which former OPM employee Neville Gafà made towards international investigative journalist Nello Scavo.

International journalist brushes off Gafà’s ‘threats’

A veritable storm has been kicked up on the social media as former OPM functionary Neville Gafà appeared to raise threats against veteran international journalist Nello Scavo.

Dead migrants’ relatives to seek redress – L’Avvenire

The Pasquetta Tragedy seems set to take another turn as relatives of the migrants who died in the fatal crossing between Malta and Libya in the days during and immediately following Easter weekend are set to seek justice.

Top Italian Journalist gives evidence in Maltese courts

Top Italian journalist Nello Scavo has confirmed to Newsbook.com.mt that he has given evidence to the Maltese courts in the criminal investigation being carried out on the Pasquetta Tragedy.

The government uses Gafa’ to co-ordinate pushback

Former OPM operative Neville Gafa’ has admitted under oath that he had co-ordinated the push back of the 51 migrants involved in the Pasquetta Tragedy on instructions of the Office of the Prime Minister.