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21,499 eligible voters for PN leadership election

A total of 21,496 paid-up members of the Nationalist Party have been deemed eligible to vote in the party’s upcoming leadership election, which will pit embattled leader Adrian Delia against Bernard Grech.

Listen: Arrigo stepping down from PN treasurer role

The Nationalist Party’s deputy leader Robert Arrigo has announced that he will no longer be serving as the party’s treasurer, and has asked the party’s executive committee to find a replacement.

PN admin council agrees to publish due diligence report

Embattled Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has proposed amendments to the party statute which, he argued, are necessary to allow for the publication of the due diligence reports the party’s experts have compiled ahead of the upcoming leadership election.

Watch: Grech apologises for tax debacle, but questions timing of leak

PN leadership hopeful Bernard Grech apologised for allowing his tax affairs to get out of hand, but questioned the timing of the leak of information about them to the press.

Fast ferry cancellation raises many questions, PN insist

The Nationalist Party insisted that the government had a lot to answer for following its decision to do away with a promised fast ferry service between Malta and Gozo, in favour of a hop-on hop-off ferry service in which the type of ferry to be used is not specified.

On Black Ribbon Day, PN emphasises need to safeguard democracy

The Nationalist Party emphasised the importance of safeguarding democracy in a statement made on the occasion of Black Ribbon Day.

PN urges government to show caution and plan ahead to save...

The Nationalist Party appealed to the government to exercise caution and to plan ahead, arguing that only by doing so could it save winter trade.

PN reiterates call for strong socioeconomic vision in the wake of...

The Nationalist Party argued in favour of a strong socioeconomic vision which would not only help Malta overcome the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic but would also allow it to go beyond in as it held a meeting with the Malta Chamber on Tuesday.

Delia insists financial affairs in order as he faces due diligence...

Embattled Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia was adamant that the due diligence process he will have to face to contest the party’s upcoming leadership race would find no issues in him, insisting that his financial affairs have always been in order.

PN electoral commission investigates Delia’s party-sponsored Facebook post

The Nationalist Party’s electoral commission is investigating party leader Adrian Delia’s use of the party’s official Facebook account to sponsor a post in which he promoted his leadership bid.