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Watch: 79 Migrants disembark in Sicily

The 79 migrants who were on the MV Marina disembarked in Porto Empedocle while the ship sailed on to Malta's Freeport as per its original plan.

79 migrants on MV Marina to disembark in Sicily

The migrants of the MV Marina will be allowed to disembark in Sicily. This was announced by the humanitarian NGO, Alarm Phone.

Unbearable situation onboard MV Marina, 79 migrants waiting for safe port

The situation on board the commercial vessel MV Marina is unbearable, according to the NGO Sea-Watch International.

Critical situation on MV Marina carrying 77 migrants – Ship captain

At that point in time, the MV Marina was en route from Sfax to Malta Freeport Terminal in Marsaxlokk. She was scheduled to discharge 265 containers in Malta and load 253 containers to be taken to Sousse.