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MUMN withdraws directives

MUMN had claimed that there are also attempts to recruit private nurses from private contractors in order to serve as strikebreakers.

Elective surgery stopped as nurses step up industrial action

Elective surgeries have been halted as the Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses has stepped up industrial action in Malta’s public hospitals.

MUMN to announce industrial directives

In a statement issued on Sunday, the MUMN General Secretary, Colin Galea said that MUMN cannot accept that its members are treated as second class workers on issues where Steward Health Care are involved in.

More than 30 nurses in quarantine; PM disrespecting healthcare workers –...

The MUMN President said that the latest developments show the lack of respect towards healthcare workers.

Court upholds Steward Health Care prohibitory injunction against MUMN

This refers to an industrial action ordered by MUMN over the release of Gozitan nurses working in Malta.

MUMN warns that nurses might not attend Coronavirus patients

Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses repeated the claim that there are no proper contingency plans.

Quarantine imposed by authorities goes against regulations – MUMN

The union issued a notice on Sunday to its members, in which it said that it would not accept that quarantine leave be deducted from the vacation leave of its members. The union lambasted the authorities, saying that the system which was imposed without any consultation could have led to a situation where hospital staff would return to work after arriving in Malta without informing the Human Resources Department of their respective hospitals.

Patients might not be washed in 4 hospitals as of Monday...

Patients in four hospitals won’t be washed by nurses if conditions for nurses don’t improve, according to the the Malta Union For Midwives and Nurses (MUMN).

MUMN temporarily lifts directives at Karin Grech Hospital

Directive on ambulation of patients which were in force at Karin Grech Hospital will be temporarily lifted between 25 and 28 December, the Malta Union For Midwives and Nurses said in a statement on Tuesday.

Only nurses get fried in court – MUMN

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) said that in the recent case where a nurse was found guilty by the court and fined for lack of or improper supervision of a patient, the ‘small fish’ were being made to pay.