Malta Chamber presents Moneyval evaluation recommendations

Proposal for national spokesperson on Moneyval matters

Moneyval grey-listing could be ‘devastating’ – MEA

The consequences of being grey-listed by Moneyval “could be as devastating as the Covid crisis,” according to the president of the Malta Employers’ Association.

Grey-listing will mean losing control on our offering – Abigail...

Our fiscal policy and financial service offering will not be anymore in our hands, but at the mercy of others. - Abigail Mamo Malta SME Chamber

Malta Chamber warns against failing MONEYVAL test

The Malta Chamber of Commerce has warned that if Malta fails the upcoming Council of Europe's Evaluation of Anti-Money laundering measures, MONEYVAL, the country would be grey-listed. It warned that this would heavily impact the viability of the Maltese financial sector, trading, tourism and general services including correspondent banks.

Banking sector organising an anti-money-laundering conference

Two major banking organisations, the Malta Bankers Association and the ARQ group will be organising a conference on money laundering

Professionals are concerned by proposed CSP Framework – FPPN

Several professionals have approached the Forum Professjonista Partit Nazzjonalista (FPPN). They are concerned over the consultation document launched by the Malta Financial Services Authority...

‘De Marco left from a meeting to defend a client’

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna accused Opposition spokesperson for finance Mario De Marco of having a conflict of interest during a debate on...

ECB’s Enria urges Malta to tighten checks on banks

The European Central Bank’s top supervisor called on Maltese authorities on Wednesday to monitor banks more stringently, the latest appeal to authorities...

Malta on the brink of being blacklisted – fraud specialists

In an Op-Ed on EU Observer, two fraud specialists say that Malta is dicing with her reputation and sailing very close to the wind on issues of financial credibility and money laundering. Recalling the murder of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, they say that by failing to 'folow the money' in the investigation, the police are rendering Malta a target for more crooks to seek a money laundering haven.

‘The government cannot ignore Moneyval recommendations’

"Malta risks blacklisting, if the recommendations made by Moneyval are not taken up," Partit Nazzjonalista leader Adrian Delia said on Saturday morning. He said...