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Heritage Malta acquires Napoleon’s decisive letter for €60,000

The artefact was acquired for €60,000 during an auction by Sotheby's, the National Heritage Ministry announced on Sunday.

Taiwan holds drills to beat back invasion amid China tensions

Taiwan is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the U.S.-China relationship. Beijing routinely denounces Washington's support for the island.

Taliban repel Afghan forces’ bid to reach U.S. plane crash site

On Monday, the U.S. military said an E-11A aircraft crashed in the province of Ghazni, but disputed Taliban claims to have brought it down, without saying how many were aboard or if any had been killed.

Malta voices its concern on possible interventions in and around Libya

Turkish move to deploy military troops to Libya stirs protest in Malta

Myanmar judge extends sentences for poets jailed for mocking military

A Myanmar judge on Monday extended the sentences of a troupe of satirical performers jailed for mocking the military, in a case...

Spanish air force training plane crashes into sea, killing two

 A light Spanish military aircraft crashed into the sea off the southeastern coast on Wednesday, killing the pilot and a trainee, the...

What would Russia say about Joseph Muscat?

There is the potential that Russia could retaliate specifically against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, after it emerges Malta has denied them clearance to fly...

Pakistan shoots down Indian jets, carries out airstrikes in Kashmir

Pakistan shot down two Indian jets on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Pakistan armed forces said, a day after Indian warplanes struck inside Pakistan...

Turkey sends more reinforcements to border with Syria’s Idlib

Turkey loaded tanks and armoured vehicles onto trucks on Saturday and dispatched the convoy to the Turkish province of Hatay on the Syrian border,...

Turkey bolsters military on Syrian border as U.S. readies pull-out

Turkey began reinforcing its positions on both sides of its border with Syria on Sunday, a Reuters witness said, as Ankara and Washington agreed...