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Gafà calls out Foreign Affairs Minister on Libya

Writing on Facebook Bartolo thanked the Libyan government for stopping 2,000 asylum seekers from leaving the war torn country to Malta. However, Gafà who worked at OPM during the tenure of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and who is known for his ties to Libya called out Bartolo without mentioning his name.

Closing ports and detaining people on pleasure boats is not in...

'Closing ports and detaining people on pleasure boats is not in line with our values,' German MEP Lena Dupont from the European People's Party on Monday during the Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) debate on the Central Mediterranean migration route in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch: Abela determined to recover EU funds for offshore migrant detention...

Replying to a question by this newsroom, Prime Minister Abela insisted that the government could still recover some EU funds to pay for the four vessels it had chartered. "We will not give up," he said. Malta is still negotiating with the European Commission for a full or partial reimbursement.

Repubblika calls for an investigation after Gozo Channel chairman hurls abuse...

Cordina hurled abuse against Cassar on a Facebook post the latter had posted on his personal Facebook profile. Cassar along with fellow activists have campaigned against the detention of asylum seekers on private passenger vessels chartered by the government for this purpose.

Watch: Vessel on which migrants are detained sails along Sliema coast

Early on Saturday morning a source told Newsbook.com.mt that Europa II had sent out a distress call. This newsroom tried to confirm the news, however no reply was given. The distress call claimed that asylum seekers who have been held out at sea for over five weeks had become aggressive.

Magistrate failed to include testimonies; Repubblika write to AG over ‘serious’...

Rule of law NGO Repubblika has written to the Attorney General over the inquiry report prepared by Magistrate Joe Mifsud which was described as having serious shortcomings. The NGO demanded that the testimonies given by the 66 survivors that were brought to Malta should be included in the report and published.

Government abdicating its responsibility by keeping asylum seekers offshore – AD

Alternattiva Demokratika has appealed to the government to reopen the ports and disembark the asylum seekers. Some groups have been for over a month at sea.

Asylum seekers demand freedom

A group of residents at the Marsa Initial Reception Centre have staged a protest demanding their freedom on Tuesday.

48 asylum seekers adrift in Maltese search and rescue region –...

Migrant NGO Alarm Phone has said that around 48 asylum seekers were adrift the Maltese search and rescue region. On Twitter the NGO highlighted that the group required a place of safety after fleeing Libya.

Watch: Malta, Libya, sign agreement on migration

The Maltese delegation is expected to hold meetings with the Government of National Accord Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj, Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala and Home Affairs Minister Fathi Bashaga. Discussions are set to focus on migration.