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AFM assists 60 migrants

The Armed Forces of Malta are assisting 60 migrants who were in distress. Humanitarian NGO, Alarm Phone announced this operation on Twitter and that Maltese authorities are assisting the migrants.

Where will the Pope visit while in Malta?

The guessing game is on: Where will Pope Francis go to during his flying visit to Malta on May 31? Where will the Pope visit while in Malta?

Gender stereotypes hinder integration of women migrants, EU study suggests

At present around 7.5% of EU residents were born outside of the EU, translating to just under 40 million people

77 migrants to be brought to Malta

In a statement issued by the Maltese Government, an agreement has been reached for the disembarkation of two NGO boats that have been in Mediterranean waters intercepting immigrants during the last few days.

AFM rescues another 95 migrants

Yesterday evening, the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) have rescued a total of 95 migrants who were in distress. According to AFM the migrants have been brought to Malta by an AFM vessel and disembarked at 9:30am at Hay Wharf Base.

47 migrants rescued by AFM

The Armed Forces of Malta, AFM, rescued 47 migrants who arrived in Malta on Sunday at 6 pm. It was a German humanitarian ship, Sea-Eye, that initially rescued the migrants, a total of 78 who were off the Libyan coast. The German Charity group said that they were harassed by the Libyan authorities.

32 migrants refused in Malta; disembark in Sicily

The search and rescue vessel Alan Kurdi has safely docked in Pozzallo, Sicily, with 32 Libyans aboard. Malta had refused to offer a port of safety.

Watch: Migrants rescued in Maltese SAR zone disembark in Italy

Fifty people, including 10 children & a baby, were on an overcrowded wooden boat in dire weather conditions in the Maltese search & rescue region.

Updated (2): Two toddlers among 76 migrants rescued by AFM

76 migrants will be disembarking in Malta