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Pope condemns ‘hellish concentration camps’ for migrants in Libya

Pope Francis on Wednesday compared migrant detention centres in Libya to concentration camps, saying the world was being given only a diluted version of how hellish life really was for the people living there.

Watch: “We need help…no more food, no more water”

The Captain is seeking help from the Maltese as they are in a desperate situation since their supplies are running out.

Govt spends €1.7 million to detain migrants on Captain Morgan vessels

The 284 migrants will be relocated in two phases; one group of 204 and another group of 80 migrants. The Maltese government said that there is co-operation from the other member states which will welcome the migrants. Also, the whole co-operation process is being reviewed by the European Commission.

52 migrants in Maltese SAR saved; Maltese authorities uncooperative says NGO

Alarm Phone also said that the Maltese government refused to communicate with the NGO regarding the situation of the migrants.

COVID-19 cluster among migrants causes angry confrontations in Italy

The authorities announced on Thursday that more than 40 people living at the abandoned buildings in Mondragone, 45 km from Naples, had tested positive for COVID-19, and warned the entire town could be quarantined if the outbreak proves widespread.

Woman gives birth on board migrant boat in distress – Alarm...

On twitter Alarm Phone said that the rubber boat is in severe distress. The migrants on board have called the NGO and informed them that on board there are 95 people.

Newsbook.com.mt increases its audience by 40%

The number of persons who have accessed Newsbook.com.mt between January and May this year is 40% higher when compared to the same period in 2019.

75 migrants in Maltese SAR

On Twitter the NGO said that the migrants reach out to them and informed them they fled from Libya.

46 migrants in Maltese SAR disembark in Lampedusa

On Twitter, the NGO said that the migrants had escaped from Libya two days ago and on Thursday they were 50 miles away from Lampedusa when they contacted Alarm Phone. The NGO had informed the Armed Forces of Malta and the Italian Coast Guard.

Malta repeatedly falls short of its rescue obligations – Italian Government

The Italian government has launched a scathing attack on the operations of the Maltese government in the way the latter manages its Search and Rescue zone.