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MFSA CEO Joseph Cuschieri resigns

The CEO of the Malta Financial Services Authority, Joseph Cuschieri, has resigned from his post.

MFSA officially recognised as Global Financial Innovation Network member

The MFSA looks forward to contributing to the Global Financial Innovation Network (‘GFIN’)'s overall discussion and its various workstreams

MFSA publishes Revised Loan Funds Rules Framework

The Malta Financial Services Authority has published an updated version of the Standard Licence conditions applicable to Collective Investment Schemes authorised to invest through loans on Tuesday.

MFSA appoints controller to liquidate Satabank plc

Dr Galea Debono will act as a controller and will assume control of Satabank plc to wind up and liquidate the controlled asset.

MFSA issues warnings on unlicensed exchange and a clone

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has issued warnings about an unlicensed exchange, as well as a clone company.

MFSA warns about three unlicensed financial websites

Concept4x, Livia Options and Arb Signals Ltd are three unlicensed entities, the MFSA has warned

MFSA warns of an unlicensed and unregistered entity

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is warning against an online trading platform called Bitboosting that claims to be regulated.

MFSA launches its FinTech Regulatory Sandbox

As of today, FinTech operators can apply to test their innovations within the MFSA FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, for a specified period of time and under certain prescribed conditions.

Unlicensed entities and activity; be aware – MFSA

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has issued two warnings regarding two unlicensed entities, and a notice regarding another entity conducting unlicensed activity.

€117,000 salary for MFSA CEO

The Finance Minister said that the CEO is eligible for a performance bonus up to a maximum of 20% of his salary.