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New measures: All bars and band clubs to close; groups down...

As of next Thursday 29th October, all bars and local band clubs will remain closed. Furthermore, as of the same date, only 6 people can convene in public spaces instead of 10.

For.U.M urges govt to act decisively as “COVID-19 could get out...

For.U.M. has joined other organisations as it strongly believes that steps taken immediately by the respective authorities could reduce the spread of the virus and slowly reduce the rate of infection to the point where life could truly get close to normality.

Guidelines for all UM, JC students published

Access all the main points here.

Watch: Measures to be observed during the Sacrament of Penance

Since the Curia announced that public Masses will resume as from today, the 13th of June, the Archdiocese has been issuing measure to safeguard health and safety before, during and after the celebration of Mass.

It is premature to state COVID-19 as a thing of the...

The MFPA referred to the statment by Prime Minister Robert Abela, who on Sunday said that we are past coronavirus and that our country will be returing to normality. On Monday, Prime Minister Abela announced the lifting of more measures against coronavirus.

Restaurants and hairdressers re-open after 9-week lockdown

With the re-opening of a number of businesses, the public will have to follow guidelines set by the authorities. Even re-opened businesses will have to adhere to the guidelines and regulations issued by the government so as to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

The Nadur Local Council decides not to organise its open-air market

The Local Council does not feel it's safe yet

Watch: Restaurants will have licence revoked if caught breaching regulations

Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Julia Farrugia Portelli addresses a press conference on the latest tourism measures related to COVID-19.

Photos: ‘A beautiful day’ in Italy, as shops and bars finally...

Italian shops, hairdressers and restaurants finally threw open their doors on Monday as the country sped up efforts to bounce back from the coronavirus crisis after a 10-week lockdown.

Watch: PM announces relaxation of measures as from Friday

PM Robert Abela will address a press conference this evening