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Italy’s far-right League hurt by response to coronavirus in heartland

The coronavirus crisis has left Italy's northern economic powerhouse a disaster zone and raised awkward questions for far-right opposition leader Matteo Salvini's League party, which has dominated the region's politics for years.

Italian Senate lifts immunity of defiant Salvini over migrant boat

The decision gives magistrates in Sicily the go-ahead to press charges over his decision to keep more than 100 migrants blocked aboard a coastguard ship for six days last July as he waited for other European Union states to agree to take them in.

Salvini looking for redemption in Italian regional elections

Both regions are currently controlled by the centre-left and while polls have long predicted a win for the right in the underdeveloped Calabria, the result in the north is far less certain and politically much more significant.

Carola Rackete should have never been arrested – Italian high court

"No one should be prosecuted for aiding people in need. The EU directive on 'crimes of solidarity' needs reform," Rackete said.

Italian ‘sardines’ take on Salvini

"We want to show we can defeat the dragon of populism with ideas, with our brains," said Mattia Santori, 32, one of four young Italians who dreamt up the so-called 6000-Sardines group.

Italy’s anti-Salvini ‘sardines’ movement spreads, plans more protests

The group emerged in the city of Bologna last week when four friends invited people to join a protest against Salvini's League, whose popularity is growing ahead of an election in the northern Emilia-Romagna region.

Salvini’s right rallies in Rome to protest against government

Tens of thousands of supporters of Italy's right-wing opposition parties, spearheaded by Matteo Salvini's League which was ousted from power two months...

Salvini’s League considers joining EPP

The Italian far-right party, the Northern League, is considering joining the European People's Party. Partit Nazzjonalista is a full member of EPP.

Italy presents plan to accelerate expulsion of migrants

Italy presented a scheme on Friday to accelerate the expulsion of migrants who have no right to stay in the country, cutting...

Italian coalition wins vote in Senate, letting it take office

Italy's new government won a confidence vote in the upper house Senate on Tuesday allowing it to take office following a stormy debate, with...