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Doctors warn industrial action will resume if Covid-19 measures are inadequate

The Medical Association of Malta has warned that it will reactivate all its industrial directives on Tuesday should the new measures dealing with Covid-19 set to be announced by the government fall short of its expectations.

MAM pauses directives for a week, expecting ‘decisive’ action

The Medical Association of Malta has opted to pause its industrial directives for one week as from Saturday, though it is expecting decisive action by the government in response.

Government, employers want 300-man limit on events; doctors insist on 10

The government and employers have both argued in favour of allowing mass events with a capacity of up to 300 people at Thursday’s Malta Council for Economic and Social Development meeting, Newsbook.com.mt is informed.

Doctors’ strike continues as union warns of ‘record’ Covid-19 numbers

The government’s arguments at an 8-hour meeting of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development have failed to persuade the Medical Association of Malta to stop its industrial action, in light of the government’s ‘illogical and absurd’ insistence to allow mass events during an epidemic.

Malta won the first battle, but not the war on Covid-19...

The UĦM Voice of the Workers emphasised the need for a single, clear set of Covid-19 guidelines and proper enforcement as it discussed its concerns in a meeting with Health Minister Chris Fearne.

Listen: If social distancing is crucial, mass events should not have...

It made little sense to hold mass events when social distancing is deemed crucial to keep the Covid-19 pandemic in check, according to statistician Vincent Marmarà.

€3,000 fine if social distancing is breached during events; Legal notice...

Last week Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne announced health and safety directives regarding social distancing during events are to be implemented; no more than one person per every 4 square meters and groups must not be more than 10 people. These 10 people must stick together without mixing with others.

Mass events and alcohol don’t mix, Chamber insists

The Malta Chamber emphasised that the holding of mass events was not recommendable at this point, “especially when hundreds of individuals are not in complete control of their actions because of the effect of alcohol consumption.”

Watch: Govt limiting size of mass events to ensure social distancing

Minister for Health Chris Fearne is to be addressing a press conference at 7pm.

Pharmacists declare dispute with Govt. over mass event permits

Pharmacists have declared a dispute with the Government on the issue of permits for mass events.