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Face masks become mandatory in Italy

Italian regions including Lazio, around the capital Rome, had already made face masks mandatory.

Pathologists warn that coronavirus pandemic is spiralling out of control

In a statement on Monday, the college noted that Malta went from being the 'poster child' of European success to the pandemic to being on the quarantine list of an increasing number of countries.

Fine for not wearing mask reduced to €50 upon admission

Not wearing a mask while inside a retail outlet or while using public transport or the ferry as well inside the Malta International Airport will make one liable to a €100 fine.

Dutch government will not advise public to wear masks – minister

Mask are currently required only on public transportation and in airports

Fundación MAPFRE donates 100,000 masks to Malta

Fundación MAPFRE, a nonprofit foundation of the MAPFRE Group, has donated 100,000 facemasks to Malta.

No masks, visors to be sold in pharmacies until government clarifies...

The chamber said that it was not consulted on the legal notice regarding the capped prices to the public of surgical masks and visors.

Faulty masks for pregnant women are latest problem for Japan

Some 300,000 coronavirus masks sent to pregnant women in Japan as part of a government handout have been found to be faulty, media reported on Tuesday, the latest in a string of complaints about how the government has dealt with the epidemic.

CSN appeals to the public to wear masks at all times

The Civil Society Network is appealing for the dissemination of masks to the general public free of charge and at the same time for the introduction of the obligation to wear masks when in public places, or at least in urban areas.

Photos: Masks and gloves – Our Covid-19 calling card

The coronavirus outbreak has left people frantically to find supplies to keep them safe from contracting the disease. As a result, people are throwing their used disposable gloves and masks on the streets as soon as they’re done with them instead of disposing them properly.