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WATCH: Coronavirus crisis – What Malta should do?

A special edition of Newsbook Q&A will be broadcast on Newsbook.com.mt and Newsbook Face book on Saturday at 5.15p.m. to discuss the coronavirus crisis.

Proposed Equality Law can pave way for abortion – MAM

Dr Martin Balzan, president of the Medical Association of Malta said that the Equality Bill as proposed can pave the way for the introduction of abortion and euthanasia. Balzan was interviewed on 103 Malta’s Heart by Fr Joe Borg.

Maltese led to believe ‘Covid-19 was over’ ahead of pandemic’s second...

In a recently-published paper, a group of medical professionals – including Superintendent for Public Health Charmaine Gauci – have lamented that inconsistent messages gave people the mistaken impression that the Covid-19 pandemic was effectively over in Malta, paving the way for a second wave that has proven to be far stronger than the first.

Watch: More measures may be needed to bring Covid-19 cases down...

More measures may be needed to bring the number of Covid-19 cases down, as the present measures only appear to have managed to stop their number from increasing, according to the Medical Association of Malta.

MAM suspends industrial action, as new measures ‘very close’ to its...

Medical Association of Malta president Martin Balzan highlighted that the latest measures the government announced to contain the spread of Covid-19 were not far off what the doctors’ union had proposed, but warned that public compliance – and strict enforcement – were crucial.

“PM Abela not following the science” – Martin Balzan

Balzan was being interviewed by Jesmond Saliba after MAM issued a statement in which it announced that the directives already in place will be extended and that the number of coornavirus cases to be announced today will be a new record.