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Watch: PM gets exemption from quarantine after Libya trip

Mandatory quarantine has been suspended for those who were traveling on board flight 9H-ELI CITATION X from Malta to Libya and who returned on the same flight on 28 May, according to the notice which was published. The suspension was granted on the basis that the government officials traveling to and from Libya were providing an "essential service". Further it was noted that they were abroad for a very limited period of time.

23 fined for public gatherings; 1 for breaching mandatory quarantine

23 persons were each fined €100 during the continuous rounds by the Police and the Environmental health Officers are conducting to ensure that no gatherings in public places involving more than four individuals take place.

29 fined €100 each for breaching social distance rules

The authorities also carried out 354 inspections and fined one person for breaching mandatory quarantine.

2 fined for breaching mandatory quarantine while 5 fined for group...

This was announced in the daily coronavirus bulletin issued by the government.

Seven fined for breaching social distancing rules

Following 322 inspections, no one was caught breaching mandatory quarantine over the past 24 hours.

Watch: When can I leave the house if am under obligatory...

One of the most frequently asked questions people are asking during the coronavirus pandemic is when can they leave their house if they are placed under mandatory quarantine. Newsbook.com.mt spoke to Malta Environmental Health Officers Association President Tony Sammut about the work of environmental health officers and how this has changed since the outbreak.

Watch: A bit of appreciation goes a long way

Newsbook.com.mt spoke to Tony Sammut who heads the MEHOA, an association reconstituted in August 2018 aimed at promoting the work of environmental health officers and providing training to its members.

Hotel fined €3,000 after caught serving food to 2 individuals

A total of 24 individuals were fined €100 each after they were caught breaching social distancing rules and in groups of over three individuals gathered in public.

80 workers found living in a hotel which is closed down...

The employees who are engaged on a local project were caught following a report. Officials from the Malta Tourism Authority ordered that these workers stay in alternative accommodation.

Person breaches mandatory quarantine twice

A person who breached the mandatory quarantine regulation twice, was fined €6,000, according to Government procedure.