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Coronavirus: MAM to review their position today

Balzan said that the union would be particularly worried if the numbers remain in the “two hundreds”.

MAM concerned with the lack of leadership; Calls for stricter measures

The Medical Association of Malta said that one last effort is necessary before the vaccine becomes available.

MAM and MAPHM request more measures to bring cases under 10...

Both associations mentioned the aspects they are mostly concerned about and which authorities need to immediately address.

“We are not responsible for govt’s failure to prioritise health” –...

Both association said that they can no longer work in an environment where they are constantly undermined and called fearmongers, and they cannot be made responsible for the failure of the government to prioritise the population’s wellbeing over the short-term economic interests of the few.

MTA in self-destruct mode and putting profit before health – MAM

MAM also announced that its council will be meeting on Wednesday to decide on the possibility of reactivating all directives.

PM more concerned about tourism than health – MAM

The Medical Association of Malta noted that while Prime Minister Robert Abela might be having a change of heart and is considering re-introducing restrictive measures to decrease the number of active coronavirus cases, he seems more concerned about the tourism lobby rather than public health.

MAM extends directives until Friday

The Medical Association of Malta, MAM, has extended the directives already in place, until Friday 14th August and has given one-week ultimatum to deal effectively with the pandemic.

MAM to proceed with industrial actions

MAM announced this on Wednesday morning while stating that Malta is currently in the thick of a new epidemic caused by mass events which is leading to around 15 new cases per day amongst the local population, and has already been blacklisted by 4 EU countries.

“PM Abela trying to cover up his fault by blaming migrants”...

MAM has also published European centre for disease control data which the association explained it does not include migrant data.

Alfred Sant questions if MAM’s decisions were intended to humiliate the...

On Facebook the PL MEP questioned if MAM’s reaction was to humiliate the government and if this was the sole reason it was stupid to act in such manner. Alfred Sant said that there are other honest ways and means to tackle the situation from health professionals.