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MAM pauses directives for a week, expecting ‘decisive’ action

The Medical Association of Malta has opted to pause its industrial directives for one week as from Saturday, though it is expecting decisive action by the government in response.

Most hoteliers believe tourism will not reach pre-Covid levels before 2023

Nearly two-thirds of international hoteliers believe it will take until at least 2023 for trade levels to return to pre-Covid-19 levels, a survey by Deloitte shows.

‘Moment of truth’ for Air Malta, MHRA says; ‘Airline exploiting COVID-19...

In a statement, the MHRA remarked that the situation does not only make matters worse for Air Malta but threatens the livelihoods of thousands of employees and operators who depend upon the travel, hospitality and tourism sector.

Tourism industry welcomes ‘mini-budget’

The economic package announced by the government on Monday night was welcomed by representatives of Malta’s tourism industry, who generally agreed that the measures would provide a timely boost to an industry which has been battered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Hospitality at crossroads”, “Measures fall short”

Both the Malta Employers' Association and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association have reacted to the financial package announced by the government saying that the measures fall short to properly address the economic crisis sparked by the novel coronavirus.

Thousands of private rented accommodation breaching the law – MHRA

There are thousands of private rented accommodations operating against the law and are not licensed, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association has said.While the...

Union membership should be a free choice – MEA, MHRA and...

The Malta Employers’ Association (MEA), the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association (MHRA) and the Malta Chamber of Commerce Enterprise and Industry (MCCEI) stressed that...