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Findings of film commission operational review kept under wraps, producers say

The Malta Producers Association questioned why the findings of an operational review on the shortcomings of the Malta Film Commission and the wrongdoings of film commissioner Johann Grech were still being kept under wraps, more than a month after its conclusion.

MPA reacts to the launch of Screen Malta and Jurassic World...

On the 14th August, the Malta Film Commission announced the long overdue call for the Malta Film Fund which has been rebranded under the new name of Screen Malta.

Film Commissioner nets annual salary of €51,156

Film Commissioner Johann Grech earns an annual salary of €51,156.60 plus benefits, according to information submitted in Parliament.

Malta Film Fund supports 58 local productions since 2013

A total of 58 local productions have benefited from funding by the Malta Film Fund since 2013, but figures tabled in Parliament also show that a third of projects approved for funding failed to materialise.

Film companies granted tax rebates despite lack of evidence, auditor-general finds

A substantial proportion of tax rebates granted to film companies by the Malta Film Commission was not being backed by any valid evidence justifying them, the Auditor-General has found.

21 film and TV productions shot in Malta in 2019

Last year, Malta hosted 21 international film and television productions from the USA, Russia, Italy, UK, India, Germany and Belgium.

MEA calls on PM to intervene against Johann Grech

The Malta Employers’ Association, MEA, has called on Prime Minister Robert Abela to intervene on the allegations against the Malta Film Commissioner, Johann Grech. The MEA stated that ensuring a level playing field among competitors is one of the fundamental tenets of good governance.

Film Commissioner denies favouritism amongst local producers

The Malta Producers Accociation is demanding for the resignation of the Film Commissioner Johann Grech after allegations have emerged that the Malta Film Commission has been selectively promoting certain local film production companies to international producers to the exclusion of everyone else in the industry.

2019 record year for films shot in Malta

Last year saw 21 film productions being shot in Malta with €40 million invested in the economy.