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Pathologists lambast ‘business as usual’ in face of high Covid-19 mortality...

The Malta College of Pathologists lambasted political leaders’ continued adoption of a ‘business as usual’ attitude despite an increase in infections, hospitalisations and deaths from Covid-19.

Pathologists warn that coronavirus pandemic is spiralling out of control

In a statement on Monday, the college noted that Malta went from being the 'poster child' of European success to the pandemic to being on the quarantine list of an increasing number of countries.

Pathologists state allowing mass events to take place ‘incomprehensible’

The Malta College of Pathologists expressed incredulity at Malta’s decision to allow mass gatherings to take place, highlighting that they were the ideal breeding grounds for the spread of Covid-19.

Second wave needs to be dealt with immediately and effectively, MAM...

The College voiced its concern saying that the public is being given the impression that people have too much fear of the virus. "An emphasis was placed on telling the public to get out and about," it remarked.