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Revamp the passport scheme, Malta Chamber tells government

The Malta Chamber has exhorted the government to address the shortcomings in the IIP scheme and replace the system with one that “reflects the enhancements proposed by the Chamber and its working group.

Malta Chamber voices serious concerns about Opposition

According to the President of the Malta Chamber, David Xuereb said he believes that a strong nation needs to have two elements; a strong government and a strong opposition. Interviewed by Jes Saliba on Newsbook Hour on 103 Malta’s Heart, David Xuereb said that the present situation within the opposition is creating concerns. “To assure equity we need leaders and a system that works of checks and balances” – said Xuereb.

Archbishop welcomes Malta Chamber’s ethical approach to business

A delegation from the Malta Chamber presented the recently published good governance document entitled “Ethical Business Calls for Change – a manifesto for Good Governance by the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry” to Archbishop Charles Scicluna.

Unemployment continues to fall as Malta Chamber advocates for more investment...

Between 2010-2019 the number of registered unemployed for the month of December halved.

Uphold the rule of law and communicate effectively says Malta Chamber

Strategic capacity, societal consultation and media and information are three key elements which the Malta Chamber of Commerce listed as issues which need to be tackled in the first order of governance.

Malta Chamber ‘cautiously optimistic’ on new PM’s performance

In a self-avowed ‘cautious’ statement, the Malta Chamber welcomed what it described as “the breath of fresh air that is apparently characterising the first week in the office of new Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela”.

Malta Chamber calls for the intervention of the President of Malta

Malta Chamber of Commerce President David Xuereb has called on President George Vella to step in in the current political crisis.

Farsons supports career exposure experience

As part of its Careers in Manufacturing campaign, the Malta Chamber’s Manufacturing Executive Board with the support of Malta Enterprise and the Education Psycho-Social...