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SME chamber welcomes ‘mini-budget,’ but hopes for improved rental aid

The economic package announced by the government on Monday was positively received by the Malta Chamber of SMEs, though it did highlight that the rental aid announced was too low to achieve the desired effect.

Watch: COVID-19 cases will today increase again – Martin Balzan

Newsbook.com.mt will discuss this subject on Saturday 23rd May at 9am. Fr Joe Borg will lead the discussion between the head of the MAM Dr Martin Balzan and the CEO of the Malta Chamber for SMEs Abigail Mamo.

Assisting local business regeneration

Undoubtedly these are extraordinary times, especially so for businesses. Decisions and financing are needed to ensure survival in the short term, but COVID-19 could also be the jump start for businesses to do things differently in the medium to long term.

Masks on the counters, now

Masks are available immediately from pharmacies.

Lack of discipline will kill businesses faster – David Xuereb

The President of the Malta Camber Perit David Xuereb was far from ecstatic when commenting on the recent decision to relax restrictions on businesses imposed due to COVID-19.

Chamber of SMEs calls on customers to be patient as some...

The Chamber of SMEs underlined the importance for both businesses and customers alike to adhere to the instructions issued by the health authorities.

Tax deferral scheme extended till end of June

The Malta Chamber of SMEs declared itself pleased with the government’s response to its call for assistance for those businesses which were presently going through a very difficult time.

Watch: “Sectors not included in the wage supplement measure experiencing...

The Malta Chamber of SMEs will deliver an online press conference to announce the results for the survey on the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on business in Malta.

Chamber of Commerce welcomes subsidy on business loans

Various stakeholders reacted positively to the news including the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the Malta Chamber of SMEs, the Gozo Business Chamber and the Gozo Tourism Association.

Fuel stations to be self-service as from 2pm

Safety measure taken due to Covid-19 outbreak