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Italy orders migrants put in quarantine on a ship

This week the government closed ports to charity boats for the entire duration of the national health emergency over the coronavirus, a ban due to remain in effect until July 31.

68 rescued as Libyan Coast Guard fires threatening shots at Sea-Eye

68 people were rescued by the humanitarian search and rescue organisation Sea-Eye on Monday amid threatening shots fired by the Libyan Coast Guard. The vessel set course towards another boat in distress.

47 migrants rescued by AFM

The Armed Forces of Malta, AFM, rescued 47 migrants who arrived in Malta on Sunday at 6 pm. It was a German humanitarian ship, Sea-Eye, that initially rescued the migrants, a total of 78 who were off the Libyan coast. The German Charity group said that they were harassed by the Libyan authorities.

‘Our rescuees and crew are in mortal danger’ – Sea Eye...

92 people and 17 rescuers are in mortal danger, Gordon Isler Chairman of the German migrant rescue vessel Sea Eye has warned.

49 asylum seekers rescued by Mare Jonio 42 miles off Libya

Italian platform Mediterranea Saving Humans which operates Mare Jonio rescued 49 individuals who were on a damaged dinghy some 42 miles off the Libyan...

’14-year-old boy beaten in Libya evacuated due to infection’

A 14-year-old Somali boy who was beaten in Libya, was evacuated from the civil search and rescue vessel belonging to the Spanish NGO Proactiva...