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Afriqiyah Airlines hijacker given 25-year prison sentence

One of the two men behind the 2016 hijack of a plane belonging to Afriqiyah Airlines has been sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to all the charges brought against him instead of facing a trial by jury.

Libyan elections to be held by December 2021

Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Libya are to be held by 24th December 2021.

Maltese ministers meet with Libyan president, ministers in Tripoli

Several meetings have been held between Maltese and Libyan bodies in 2020.

Asylum seekers sue government over Easter pushback to Libya

A group of 52 asylum seekers who had been pushed back to Libya by the Maltese authorities on the fishing vessel Dar al Salaam have filed a court application demanding to be allowed their asylum applications on Wednesday. The group is also seeking damages.

5,000 migrants in 8 months stopped from attempting to flee Libya...

Minister Evarist Bartolo also announced that Malta will continue to strengthen its presence in various African and Latin American countries by establishing embassies. The aim is to create stronger political and commercial ties in the two continents.

“Malta can provide Libya with resources” – Byron Camilleri

Malta has stated its willingness to aid Libya resource-wise, in terms of education for those who work within maritime law and coordinating search and rescue operations.

Minister Bartolo renews Malta’s commitment towards Libya as a neighbouring country

Throughout these talks, it was said that the ceasefire agreement in Libya should lead to institutional reforms and democratic elections towards a united Libya for Libyans, in the hands of Libyans.

Malta to host delegation from Tobruk government following ceasefire

The Foreign Affairs Ministry has announced that a Libyan delegation led by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Aguila Saleh is coming to Malta tomorrow for talks with Minister Evarist Bartolo.

Libyan rivals sign ‘permanent’ ceasefire

Libya’s two rival governments have signed a “permanent” ceasefire following mediation talks in Geneva spearheaded by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

Watch: Abela and Grech clash on migration issue during first meeting

Abela accused Grech of sabotaging his work