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MEPs call on EC to introduce legally-binding instruments to eliminate SLAPP

In a statement on Thursday, Partit Nazzjonalista MEP and European Parliament Quaestor David Casa urged the Commissioner for EU Values and Transparency to introduce legally-binding measures which would protect the work and freedom of journalists in their line of work. The measures would also offer legal protection for activists, human right defenders, academics and trade unionists.

PN proposes anti-SLAPP bill

The Nationalist Party has presented a bill with the aim of protecting journalists from the threat of so-called SLAPP suits.

Kurt Farrugia ordered to pay €5,000 to Giovanna Debono in libel...

Farrugia was found to have reported what the couple had told him without verifying the expropriation process and whether the expropriation process was completed before the notice was published in the government gazette.

Former PL MEP loses libel case against David Casa

Former Partit Laburista MEP Marlene Mizzi lost a libel case she had instituted against fellow Partit Nazzjonalista MEP David Casa

Schembri withdraws Caruana Galizia libels

Former OPM Chief of Staff and friend to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri has withdrawn two libel suits against murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. The libels were related to blog posts on Egrant in 2017, were withdrawn by means of a note filed on December 6.

Keith Schembri fails to turn up in court

Case put off to January as Schembri's lawyer renounced the brief.

Graffitti calls for the overdue resignation of Keith Schembri

Moviment Graffitti issued a statement calling for the resignation of PM’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri following the latter’s withdrawal of a libel case to avoid giving potentially incriminating evidence.

Five Libyan witnesses turned down Gafà hush-money

Five Libyan men have told a court today that they turned down offers of money and treatment by the government official Neville Gafà,...

Court finds Malta Independent’s article ‘not libellous’

The Court of Appeal has said held that a article published in the Malta Independent about the NexiaBT accountants Brian Tonna and Karl Cini,...

Maltese actress files libel suits over Nazism accusation

Two libel suits have been filed against the news outlet It-Torċa by the Maltese actress Pia Zammit, after the newspaper accused her of being...